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   Bench Top EPP Machine  1/19/2024 
   MEVVA Ion Implanter for USTC University  11/24/2023 
   PVD Sputtering System for USTC University  11/6/2023 
   National Conference On Plasma Science & Technolgy  10/30/2023 
   Pakistan Dual-Source Ion Implanter  5/21/2023 
   MUST Dual-sources Implanter  5/20/2023 
   MAO System Installation in The Philippines  9/12/2022 
   Microarc Oxidation System to Canada  3/6/2022 
   MAO Power Supply to Romania  2/7/2022 
   MEVVA ion source for Eurecat Manresa Spain  11/28/2021 
   Gas Ion Source for Fraunhofer Institute Germany  11/18/2021 
   CE Certificate for Ion Sources  1/28/2021 
   PBII&D 2019 Conference in Shenzhen  12/31/2019 
   PVD Magnetron SputteringSystem  9/9/2019 
   2019 BBQ with Plasma Research Group  1/15/2019 
   BBQ with Plasma Research Group 2016  2/4/2017 
   Exhibition in E-MRS 2016  7/6/2016 
   Sponsor and Exhibition in SMMIB 2015  6/17/2015 
   Exhibition in E-MRS 2015  6/17/2015 
 Company news -> There are 47 news          Page:1/3 Previous Next End  
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