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Plasma Technology Limited (PTL) was established in 1998 with seed money from the Hong Kong Industrial Department and support from City University of Hong Kong. The technological achievements of the company are recognized locally and internationally. PTL is devoted to the best technological practice and emphasizes R&D, product quality, customer services and technical supports. As a result, PTL received the Hong Kong Awards for Industries from the Hong Kong Government in 2004 and again in 2011.

PTL is a leading plasma equipment manufacturer and has developed different plasma processing systems for state-of-the-art materials surface treatment and thin film fabrication to cater to different research and engineering applications. For example,
Magnetron Sputtering PVD System;
Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation PIII System;
Cathodic Vacuum Arc System;
Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation PEO / Micro-arc Oxidation MAO System;
Electrolytic Plasma Polishing System;
various kinds of Plasma and Ion Sources, Switching and Pulsing Power Supplies as well as RF Generator and Auto Matching Devices  produced by PTL are popular for system integration.

Based on the company"s mission to design and manufacture high quality plasma-based equipment for research and industrial applications, PTL"s staff and engineers are willing to share with and listen to customers to come up with the appropriate and economical technical solutions.




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