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Research Highlights
 Research Highlights => Tetrahedral Carbon taC Coating Print】 【Back
Published date: [1/15/2019]    Read [2819] times
    Plasma Technology Limited PTL has successfully used Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc FCVA coating system to fabricate ta-C coating on various substrates with thickness of 0.1 micron to more than 5 microns. The ta-C film obtained by PTL has a tetrahedral bonding (sp3) fraction as high as 70 - 85%. The hardness of ta-C coating is higher than 50GPa. It also possesses low friction coefficient of ~0.1 and extremely low wear rate of < 1.5x10e-7 mm3/m-N under 10N normal loading force. It also shows Grade HF1 adhesion for the coating to substrate when subjected for Rockwell test. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 按此在新窗口浏览图片
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