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HIPIMS Power Supply

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering










High Ionization Magnetron Power Supply has coupled high power pulse into DC magnetron sputtering. It delivers not only stable DC magnetron sputtering  but also short high power pulse into cathode and plasma. The pulses are of >400A at voltage of 1kV with short duration and low frequency to keep low average output power down to the range of kW while the pulse peak power can be upto the range of MW.


Due to high peak power, the plasma density during the pulses is extremely high that gives very high ionization fraction compared to DC magnetron plasmas as well as it allows for fine control of the sputtered species during deposition.



DC Sputtering HIPIMS Sputtering


Advanced Features

  •  High peak power output
  •  High ionization fraction of upto 50%
  •  Effective utilization of cathode/target
  •  Easily adaptable to existing cathode and process
  •  Active arc suppression with stable sputtering process
  •  Adjustable pulse duration and frequency
  •  Good stoichiometric film in reactive deposition
  •  Minimum film defect by droplet - free sputtering
  •  Superior film density and extreme structural conformity
  •  Excellent adhesion and decreased roughness



Technical Specs


Average Power : 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW
DC Voltage : >700V
DC Current : 5A - 30A
Pulse Voltage : 200V - 1000V
Pulse Current : <=400A
Pulse Width : 30us - 300us
Pulse Frequency : 30Hz - 300Hz
Input Power : 3-phase 380V+/-5%, 50/60Hz





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