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  Plasma and Ion Sources >> DC Filtered Cathodic Arc Source

DC Filtered Cathodic Arc Source

 The Filtered Cathodic Arc Source system is composed of a plasma discharge source head, a 90o curved or straight duct, and a power control unit.  The duct is wrapped with electrical coils and biased with low voltage so as to produce electromagnetic field inside the duct to confine and transport the plasma.  The flange that connects to the duct is perfer for F120mm and F200mm.  Both the source head and duct have water cooling.




Technical Specs





Conical Cathode : Upper F50mm x Bottom F70mm x Height 50mm; Indirect cooling
Arc Dicharge Voltage : 30-70V                                                               /
Arc Discharge Current : 20-80A                                                                    /
Filter : 90 Degree electromagnitic filter or                    straight electromagnitic filter                 Straight filter  with higher output efficiency but with relative poor filtering effect than that of 90 degree filter
Flange :

Compatible with customer's flange  

 (preferable dimension >F120mm or F200mm)

removable sleeves for inner wall of duct for cleaning
Trigger : Auto-mechanical ignition /
Gas Assistance : Optional with Argon gas /
Output Efficiency : ~2-4% /
Output Plasma Current : <3A Collected at the duct exit
Deposition Rate : >1um/h Substrate to the duct exit with the distance of 100mm
Utilization of Cathode : >50% /
Input Power : 3-phase 380V, 50Hz, 60A, 4-wires /
Power Supply Cabinet Dimension :

Width 480mm x Height 330mm x Depth 700mm







Download  "Ion charge state and velocity datasheet"


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