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Research Highlights
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Published date: [4/17/2011]    Read [9647] times
    The research team of Plasma Technology Limited PTL has successfully invented a novel circuitry to shorten the fall time of high voltage pulser for plasma immersion ion implantation PIII applications. -------------------- Our research team has started to conduct R&D study on PIII since 1996.There are many significant outputs of PIII applications over the years. PTL has also designed and built a lot of plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition PIII-D systems to suit for different applications. One of our works on High Voltage Pulse Modulator designed by PLC based has been published in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 2010 issue. The Modulator are designed with user-friendly touch control and programmable bias process. ___________________________________________________________________ Our recent invention has further stepped to upgrade the high voltage pulser that it has great breakthrough to match semiconductor devices (insulated-gate bipolar transistors IGBTs) with hard tube tetrode switch to clip the output high voltage pulse waveforms into short fall time tail. The article is published in Review of Scientific Instrutments 2011. ___________________________________________________________________ The benefits of the output pulse with abrupt tail include significant reduction of low energy ion implantation, more precise to control the ion fluence and the ion implantation depth as well as mitigation of sputtering effects on materials surface.
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