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Research Highlights
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Published date: [7/21/2010]    Read [10826] times
    The research team in Erzurum, Turkey has used Plasma Technology Limited's MicroArc Oxidation System to develop desirable Aluminium Oxide layer on AA2014 aluminum alloys for high temperature wear resistant applications. The results show that the low friction tendency and stable friction behavior was observed at 200 degree C. The wear rates decreased with increasing temperature. The lowest wear rate and narrow and smooth wear tracks are obtained at high temperature so that it implies that MAO technique is an useful technique to acheive high performance ceramic layer on light metallic alloys for high temperature applications. The related article is published in E. Arslan, Y. Totik, E.E. Demirci, Y. Vangolu, A. Alsaran and I. Efeoglu " High temperature wear behavior of aluminum oxide layers produced by AC micro arc oxidation " Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 204, Issues 6-7, 25 December 2009, Pages 829-833. The MicroArc Oxidation MAO product information can be referenced to the weblink: http://www.plasmatechnol.com/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=404 .
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