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Sputtering Targets M-R



We offer pure elements, compounds, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, and mixtures with high purities and quality for R&D and Production applications. Products are widely used in electronics, semiconductor, flat panel display, magneto-optical recording medium, solar photovoltaic and functional coating etc.


We also provide in-house sputter target bonding services by either standard and custom backing plate or copper foil bonding.


If the materials you are seeking are not listed, please email us your requirements as custom projects are our specialty.



Target Name                                Purity

Mg                                                   99.99%

Mg2Si                                             99.999%

Mg2Sn                                             99.95%

Mg3Bi2                                           99.95%

MgB2                                             99.999%

MgF2                                               99.99%

MgO                                                99.99%

Mn                                                   99.99%

MnPt                                                99.99%

MnIr                                                99.95%

MnO2                                              99.99%

Mo                                                   99.95%

Mo2C                                              99.99%

MoO3                                              99.99%

MoS2                                              99.99%

MoSi2                                             99.999%

NaNbO3                                         99.999%

Nb                                                    99.99%

Nb2O5                                             99.99%

NbC                                                 99.99%

NbN                                                 99.99%

NbSe2                                             99.999%

NbTi                                                99.95%

Nd                                                    99.99%

Ni                                                     99.9%

NiCr                                                 99.99%

NiFe                                                 99.95%

NiV                                                  99.99%

Ni2Ga3                                            99.95%

Ni2MnGa                                         99.95%

NiCoCrAlY                                      99.95%

NiCr                                                 99.99%

NiCrSi                                              99.95%

NiFe                                                 99.99%

NiO                                                  99.99%

NiS                                                   99.9%

NiTi                                                 99.99%

Os                                                    99.99%

Pb                                                    99.99%

PbF2                                                99.99%

PbO                                                 99.99%

PbSr2TiO7                                      99.95%

PbTe                                               99.999%

PbTiO3                                            99.95%

PbZrO3                                           99.999%

Pd                                                    99.95%

Pr                                                     99.95%

Pr6O11                                            99.99%

Pt                                                     99.99%

PZT                                                 99.99%

Re                                                    99.95%

Rh                                                    99.9%

Ru                                                    99.9%

RuO2                                               99.9%



Bonding is recommended for ceramic materials. Many ceramic materials have characteristics which are not amenable to sputtering, such as, brittleness and low thermal conductivity. A low thermal conductive target is susceptible to thermal shock and target crack may occur during sputtering process. Bonded targets can usually continue to be used even after a target crack occurs. Besides, the bonded ceramic targets can be cooled more efficiently as thinner target can transfer heat faster to the copper backing plate for heat dissipation. Usually, the thickness of the target is reduced to half when it is bonded to a backing plate and the copper backing plate comprises the other half of the thickness.

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