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  Power Supplies >> RF Generator and Matching Network >> MN-10A RF Auto Matching Network

MN-10A RF Auto Matching Network



PTL versatile Auto Impedance Matching Networks provide efficient, accurate, reliable and quick matching across RF generators to precisely match the complex impedance of a plasma to a desired tuning range.



PTL Automatic Matching Network

Traditional Manual Matching Controller

Core Devices

Vacuum Adjustable Capacitor

Air Adjustable Capacitor


More Than 10 Years

More Than 5 Years

Continuous Working Time

24 Hours

24 Hours

Power Stability

+/- 1%

+/- 5%


High Safety

Maybe Discharge if Under Humidity

Maneuver Ability

Adjusting Automatically

Take Time for Manual Adjusting

Matching Time

Less Than 3 Seconds

5 Minutes or More

Reflected Power

Less Than 5 Watts

Less Than 30 Watts



The installation of the matching network is virtually plug-and-play with our 500W RF power generator, and 1000W RF power generator.




Equipped with microprocessor-controlled stepper motor drives and advanced fuzzy logic tuning algorithms, the matching network rapidly transforms plasma impedances to 50 ohms to maximize power transfer to the process chamber and provides greater consistency and accuracy than traditional analog-based tuning methods. The result is optimized RF power to semiconductor, solar, FPD, and MEMs manufacturing plasma processes, including etch, PVD, PECVD, HDPCVD, ALD and chamber clean applications.


Technical Specifications


Main Technical Properties





Maximum Transmission Power


Reflected Power (Under Maximum Positive Power Output)

< 5W

Input Impedance

50 Ohm

Automatic Matching Time

0.2 - 1 second

Auto/Manual Function


Range of the Matched Impedance

(2~45) Ohm - j(0~70) Ohm

Adjustable Capacitor

Adjustable Capacitor (1%-100%)

RF Input Connector

N / UHF type

RF Output Connector

50 Ohm, N-type or UHF-type or Copper bar Output

Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

AC Power Supply


AC Frequency

50/60 Hz







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