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  Vacuum Systems >> Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System >> Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc FCVA System

Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc FCVA System


The system can be equipped with 4 sets of DC filtered cathodic vacuum arc DC-FCVA sources for thin film deposition. The DC-FCVA sources are used for high ionization ion reactive deposition. Many conductive materials (such as Ti, C, Al, Cu, Ni, Cr, Zr, Mo, Zn, Nb, Ag, Au, Sn, V and their alloys) can be used as cathodes for the arc sources.

Arc sources can be flexible operated under different discharge current to control the deposition rate or composition percentage during the deposition process. There also have 4 sets of MFCs to handle 4 different types of gas species for reactive deposition. In additions, there are 4 revolution stages that the workpieces can be subjected to satellite rotation to achieve high uniform deposition with the treatment zone upto above 350 degree C and the workpieces can be Pulse/DC biased to obtain coatings with desirable properties.


The system is suitable for R&D and batch process for reactive deposition of nano-structured, nano-composited and multilayer of conductive, semi-conductive, insulating and opto-electical films


-Equipped with 4 sets of DC bend filtered cathodic vacuum arc sources

-Equipped with a 20kW DC/Pulse bias power supply

-F500 mm x 450 mm, double-wall water cooled stainless steel chamber

-1 set of pumping system with throttle valve, gate valve, roughing valve, foreline valve, turbomolecular pump and backing pump

-1 set of vacuum measurement system with 1 ion gauge and 2 pirani gauges

-4 sets of mass flow controllers MFC

-PID ambient heating for 350 degree C

-LED flow chart manual system control

-Optional upgrade to computer PLC control















Product Brochure


Download "DC-FCVA System Brochure"



Download  "Ion charge state and velocity datasheet"



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