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  Vacuum Systems >> Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System >> PF400 Pulse Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System

PF400 Pulse Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System


Model : PF400
Chamber : F 400mm x 400mm SS 304 steel ; Double-wall with water cooling, Top-opening
Pumping System : KYKY Turbo-molecular pump 1200L/s and rotary pump 9L/s,  pneumatic gate valve,  foreline valve, roughing valve and venting valve
Ultimate Pressure : Better than 8 x 10-5 Pa: From ATM to 2 x 10-4 Pa < 30 mins
Vacuum Measurement : 2 Thermal gauges and 1 ion gauges with control displayer
Gas Feeding : 2 MFCs 100SCCM with controller
Substrate Dimension :  F150mm; Manually to change the distance from FCVA sources exit 
Substrate Rotation : Rotation speed of 0-20RPM
Substrate Heating : PID temperature control from RT to 400oC +/-2oC by Quartz lamps
Substrate Bias : DC output (20V-100V); Pulse output (100V-1000V, 30kHz, 10%-80%) or DC superposed Pulse output
P-FCVA Source :

 2 sets of Pulse FCVA for confocal deposition

Pulse mode operation; 90o electromagnetic filter

Cathode dimension: F10mm x L30mm; Triggering voltage 12kV;

Pulse width: 200ms-3ms; Pulse frequency: 0-50Hz; Pulse Peak current: >250A 

Interlock & Protection : Vacuum & cooling water interlock, over-current & over-voltage protection
Applications : Reactive deposition for nano-structured, nano-composited and multilayer of conductive, semi-conductive, insulating and opto-electrical films


Technical Details of Pulse Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc Source.

Download  "Ion charge state and velocity datasheet"

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