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  Plasma and Ion Sources >> Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc Source

Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc Source


Cathodic vacuum arcs produce highly ionized plasmas from virtually all solid metallic elements.  As long as a material is sufficiently conducting to serve as an arc cathode, it can be used in a cathodic arc discharge.  Therefore, not only metals and alloys  (i.e. Al, Ti, Cu, Cr, Zr, Zn, Au, Ag, Co, Ni, V, Y, Nb, rare earth metals, so on) but also semi-metals (graphite) and highly-doped semiconductors (Si, Ge) can be used to produce plasmas from which ions can be extracted.  Cathodic arc plasmas are characterized by the presence of multiple charged ions.  Ions formed in the plasma can be extracted and accelerated by the strong electric field between the extraction electrodes and ion implanted into any kind of substrate materials. 

The MEVVA source is operated in pulse mode and touch screen controlled.



Cathode Dimension

Diameter F10mm x Length 30mm

Maximum Triggering Voltage


Maximum Discharge Voltage


Arc Discharge Current


Discharge Pulse Width


Pulsing Frequency


Ion Beam Extracted Current


Beam Size (Flange Size Dependent)


Output Ion Voltage Range








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